Monday, December 14, 2009

The Beginning:

OK, Here we go (Chris).
Not being a blogger or an emailer or a facebooker (except for minor and ephemeral forays), I embark on what can only be called a 'project'.

This is a multi-layered affair, you see .... at the age of 40, I am finally married! When Cherie and I were engaged I suggested a fun thing. "We should watch every best picture winner together." Now that we're married (quite happily, mind you) it has begun.

And, by coincidence, just as we started our project "Julie and Julia" hit our dollar theater. Two and two came together, and "Let's blog about it" was almost too obvious to pass up. I hesitated, what with the obvious and now cliche' criticism that bloggers are the homo sapiens who have the audacity to think that every thought in their heads should be read by everyone.

Now I've decided to reject that criticism, telling myself that it is a fun way to practice writing. Whatever, I don't need you people!!

Anyway, world, here we go ...

Oh, and did I mention that I'm married! Therefore, the second layer is that this blog doubles as "a year in the life of the happiest newlyweds in the world!"

Another layer: subjectivity. Since it's impossible to agree on every sentence, and the attempt to do so would probably be the surest-fire method of getting the bloom off the rose, we'll write separately. So let's hear what reality is like from two people who most expect their experience to the the same (spooning our way through all these films and laughingly commentating all through dinner). We'll write separate comments and find out if there is such a thing as 'oneness' after all. That's my idea, anyway.

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